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About Me

Clothing and style have been my passion

since childhood, especially shoes!

Growing up with limited means, my items were inexpensive, so each of them had to count. 

I put a premium on unique, high-impact, and practical articles. This, together with personality and verve, taught me that small choices can make a enormous impacts.


As my careers moved in travel and technology, style remained prominent as a form of personal expression.

I often found myself aiding colleagues, friends and family with wardrobe choices and closet organization. I have a knack for listening, finding who they are

and translating that into what they need.


Put Me Together works with many high profile professionals, on-camera, on-stage, for work and their lifestyle. My clients have met with Presidents, Heads-of-state, and Captains of Industry. I work with the mom-next-door and the anchor on the nightly news, transforming their individuality and organizing their wardrobes to prepare them to tackle the world. Working together is so joyful and exhilarating; we really have fun!


To witness first hand, an emerging self-confidence and pride, free from insecurity is an immeasurable rewarding  and gratifying experience. What drives me is 

helping people, and the reason I created

Put Me Together.


Julie's insight gave me a new perspective on my personal style. Her recommendations were spot on, and I'm eager to implement her vision which is so supportive of me and my goals. She makes the styling process a completely fun experience. The benefits will touch all areas of my life. 

Lorie Ann G.  -  Author, Illustrator

        Julie is the “make me feel great” clothes whisperer.   She listens to what you want, what you like to wear, why you like the clothes and outfits that you like to wear, and then puts your individual spin on new outfits using new and your own clothes.  You will not leave the appointment in an outfit that looks like it belongs on someone else. I have recommended Julie to many of my friends and family and they all love her sincere desire to make you feel special during the process. 

Karla E.  -  Director, International, Alliances and Integrations, AT&T

Working with Julie Wade goes well beyond the perfect outfit or an organized closet. She makes an investment in you as a person, with a deep curiosity and desire to understand who you are beyond what you reflect to the world.  If you are open, she will help you peel back the layers to discover a deeper understanding of yourself, how you are evolving and helps to crystalize your desires and needs. .. I can reflect my authentic self – and to top it off my closet is organized and I have a slew of perfect outfits!

Annette G – Human Resources Professional, Wife, Mother

Julie is amazing at helping me find clothes that I would have never picked out and make me look better than I would have shopping for myself!

Gabrielle F - Executive Leader, Global Change Maker, Wife & Mother 

Julie listened to what I wanted but also helped me get there with good, solid choices that were modern and fun. She did it all with no judgment about my personal taste and without forcing me into one style or another. Julie has the most finely-tuned eye for color and style I've ever seen.  She is energetic and sensitive and her curiosity about the world, the people in it, and how we relate to each other come together in a way that creates magic. She still sends me suggestions when she sees something she thinks "looks like me". She was a game-changer and a life saver! 

Jennifer K.  -  Author, Investigative Reporter, News Anchor Wife & Mother

      Julie Wade is my go-to stylist for the executives I coach. I trust Julie immensely, as do my clients who speak on the biggest corporate, philanthropic, and thought leadership stages. 

Justina C.  -   Young Adult Novelist, Author, Speech Writer and Story Strategist

Working with Julie was wonderful. Over the years my “look” had evolved into schlumpy and that was not really the image I wanted. Julie started by getting to know me so that she could better understand my lifestyle and taste. She didn’t make me into something or someone I am not. Rather, she found the clothes, shoes, and accessories that allow me to be myself only a more stylish, better-dressed, more put-together, confident version! AND, she organized my closet and gave me tips so that I can actually put myself together now.

Susan S – Executive, Philanthropist, Mother 

Julie Wade has the gift of a keen fashion eye and a kind heart. Her passion is finding your best look and making sure that the real you can shine in it. That kind heart of hers allows her to leave you looking and feeling better than you did before…. And on a budget! She's nothing short of amazing!

Julie C - Journalist, News Anchor, On-Camera Strategist, Wife & Mother 

Julie patiently guided me through the process of organizing my closet.  As we went through the bins containing assortments of places I had been, she helped me identify what I liked/ didn't like in each piece.  Not only did this process help organize my closet, but it certainly helped organize me.  Once my closet was organized, I felt like I had stepped into the present, and was able to fondly leave behind the pieces of my past.

Julie H. - Athlete, Entrepreneur, Winery Owner, Wife & Mother

        Julie has an eye.  And an ear.  She watches and she listens.   Pay attention to her advice and you will profit.

Tari E.  -  Executive Technology Business Director, Entrepreneur

I can’t believe how good it’s felt to have less in my wardrobe and I’ve been practicing your styling tips which has resulted in the creation of many new variations of outfits – things I never would have thought went with each other.  I now wear the things I have and love my look!  Your work did wonders for me and I just wanted you to know.  

Joanne B.  -  Strategic Planning & Alliances, Executive

I am not a big fan of shopping, but, shopping with Julie, is fun and VERY productive.  Julie is that perfect blend of girlfriend and style advisor.  She listens to my preferences and makes me comfortable ... then puts together amazing outfits that I would never have even seen on a rack!  She knows the styles that fit and flatter. EVERY time I’ve purchased clothing that she has recommended I get compliments, and I always feel more confident in outfits that Julie has put together.  Her sense of style is amazing and always right on target.  Lastly, Julie doesn’t shop at only the high end venues; she’s as great at Target as she is at Nordstrom. If you need a friend to help you pick out the perfect outfits Julie is the BEST!


Christy M - Executive, Volunteer, Wife & Mother 


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